1. MedFitness Applies Marketing Chomp Strategies

    MEDFITNESS Strength Training is an On-Demand strength training facility which provides supervised strength training when you want it. This is unique in an industry where the norm is having to morph your life around your trainer's availability. Founder, Richard Wolf, is a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist. He is what we, in marketing, refer to as an "expert" in their field. In and ind…Read More

  2. The Best Business Advice for 2017

    What could possibly be the number one piece of business advice for this year? My answer is quite simply - Write Down Your Strategy. This goes beyond goals and superficial "wants" as in, "I want more revenue" or "I'd like to increase customer engagement". What I'm talking about is the plan to back all of that up - your marketing plan. So how would you go about it? Well first, it really does start w…Read More

  3. Think You Deserve More Press?

    Of course you do! So, what are you doing about it? You read that right - what are you doing to promote yourself? PR, press, publicity - whatever you call it - it takes hard work and is a very niche specialty in the world of marketing. Few are really good at it because it takes time and focused attention. Good press doesn't just happen. Have you seen logos on company websites that say "As seen in …Read More